VUBi Website Usage

Our website is pretty simple and most things do what they're called, but it's important to note a few things that might seem insignificant but are actually pretty important.

The first thing you should know is that you can only access most services only if you're logged in. You can do that by clicking the Log in field on the right, if you don't have an account - create it by clicking registration. While registering it's important to enter real and accurate information, as it will be used when diagnosing problems and contacting you.

If you already have an account but lost its password - click Lost password and enter your email, you'll be sent a new one to your email address, this is only a temporary password, so you should change it afterwards.

After logging in you can see that a few additional options have appeared, but on those - a bit later.

Before logging in

Before logging in you can also see fields named Main, Contacts and F.A.Q.. The Main field returns you to the main page, clicking our logo up top does the same. The Contacts field show you our contacts. Under F.A.Q. you can find commonly asked questions about our services in general and answers to those questions.

There's also a speed test on our website.

It can be used to, as the name implies, measure the internet speed and ping, it also gives you your IP address. This tool is usually used for diagnosing internet problems.

After logging in

Lookup history - here you can find the information about your plan orders. This shows whether your plan is still active, for how long it will stay active, it's type (wired, wireless), it's price, whether the payment was successful and it's order id. Your plan can be Cancelled, Waiting or Successful. A successful plan has been payed for successfully and is or was active, a cancelled plan is a plan which was ordered but then, as the name implies, cancelled by you and is inactive, a waiting plan is still waiting for payment.

It's important to note that a plan with a Waiting property doesn't imply that you'll have to pay for this plan, it's just that this plan received neither a cancellation, nor a confirmation, for example, it can be an accidentally ordered plan or something like that.

If you payed for a plan and it's still in the waiting state - check whether you got a payment confirmation and, if it has only been a few minutes since the payment - wait for a bit, payment confirmation is usually not instant.

If it's still stuck in the waiting state - create a problem report with the plan's order id and the payment confirmation, usually in this situation either our website or the payment services have bugged out, but this is not a complex problem to fix and it will be sorted in a few minutes.

Change password - self-explanatory, you can change your password here.

Change information - also more or less self-explanatory, but it's important that you update your information here if something (for example, you room number, phone numeber) changes.

Log out logs you out of our webpage.

When logged in, you can also purchase internet plans.

This can be done by clicking any of them just below our page description or by going to Order plan and selecting one there.

Status indicators

Underneath this selection of options there are also a few account and connection status indicators:

VUBi active - this indicator shows whether you have an active plan or not, if it shows no - your plan is no longer active.

VUBi network - this indicator shows whether you are in our wired network or not. It shows no if you're connected to our Wi-Fi, out registration network or any other outside network.

VUBi Wi-Fi - this indicator shows whether you have an active Wi-Fi connection or not.

Activate internet - this button is only visible in our registration network, clicking it activates the internet on the device you have currently connected, if it's not visible and you don't have an activated device - you're either using our Wi-Fi or an external network, if that's the case and you want to activate your device - firstly disconnect your computer from any other network and connect up with any of the internet cables in your room. You can read up more on this on the ConnectingWired page.

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