Registration and Plans

To register and to buy a plan, you first need to access our website -

You can do that by either connecting to VUBi Info (more on this network - ConnectingWireless) or by connecting your computer to the wired network. You will be then placed in the registration network. From here, you can access our site, banks and any VU website.

When you reach our website, create an account by clicking the Registration button on the left. Fill it with accurate information, as most of it will be used to determine various internet problems later on or to contact you.

For more info on what does what on our website, go here - VubiWebsite.

Afterwards, you have a selection of 4 plans:

  • 1 Month
  • Quarter
  • 1 Day
  • Wi-Fi

The first three plans will give you wired + wireless access (that is, you will be able to connect your computer through wired internet and your phone/tablet/laptop or other device through VUBi Wi-Fi and VUBi Hotspot), the only difference is the pricing and the duration of the plan.

The Wi-Fi plan will only give you access to our wireless networks (VUBi Wi-Fi and VUBi Hotspot).

If you bought the Wi-Fi plan - that's it, you can move on to connecting your devices - ConnectingWireless.

If you bought the other plans, you can start connecting your devices to the wireless network too - ConnectingWireless, but, if you want to connect your laptop/computer to the wired network, you'll need to activate the connection first, more on that here - ConnectingWired.

Being unable to reach payment services

Sometimes a problem like this arises, it's usually due to your computer's antivirus or browser labeling some connection as insecure.

If, when connecting to Paysera or Paypal you get a warning, saying that this connection is insecure - ignore it and continue going to that website. You can do that by clicking the advanced button and then continue anyways or something similar, certain web browsers might have different wording, but the idea is the same.

It's important to note that this should only be done with our website, Paysera or Paypal, if you see any other website with this warning - don't go there, these insecure websites are labeled as insecure for a reason.

If you don't even get that warning - try disabling your antivirus software, if even that doesn't help - fill out a problem report.

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