How to write a proper problem report

When writing a proper problem report you need to give us as much structured and clear information as possible.

Firstly, you need to fill in your room number/address and phone number correctly, these will be used to contact you and diagnose problems.

Under Component select the thing you're having problems with.

You also need to fill in the summary and the description of the problem.

Under the summary write the most important bits of the problem you're facing, for example, a good summary would be "VUBi Wi-Fi, cannot log in since yesterday 11:00" or "Wired internet, cable broken, needs replacement", an example of a bad summary would be "Internet isn't working" or "Problems with internet".
A good summary needs to be descriptive.

In the description write, as the name implies, the detailed description of the problem.
Add at what time you noticed the problem, does it repeat, how does it manifest,
have you tried solving it yourself and what did you try to do, for how long have you been experiencing it,
did you notice any additional strange things before the problem began, is it effecting you or also your roommates,
what VUBi user you're using (the email address, preferably), did you check our website if you have an active plan and etc.
Constructive and descriptive reports help us solve problems faster, so taking a bit of time to write the report and to think about the problem is encouraged.

When you finish your report, don't forget to click the CC checkbox, then you'll get notifications about the progress of your report.

You can also check the status of your report (or reports) and any comments our support personnel have written in the View Tickets page.

The View Reports Page

You can see all of the reports that you have written by clicking the All Issues field.

Under New Issues you can see the reports you've made that still haven't been looked through.

In the Resolved Issues category you can see all of the reports that have been marked as resolved, under the Unresolved Issues - the ones that are still being worked on.

In the Invalid Issues category lie the reports that have been labeled as duplicates of another, already reported issue or reports that have been labeled as Invalid because of missing vital information or general incorrectness, you'll also usually find a comment why a ticket has been marked as Invalid.

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