Connecting to the Wireless Networks

There are three Wi-Fi networks in VU dormitories:

  • VUBi Wi-Fi
  • VUBi Hotspot
  • VUBi Info

VUBi Wi-Fi and VUBi Hotspot are the main networks and are more or less identical, apart from the login mechanism, VUBi Info is meant for ordering plans, using your bank account, connecting to VU websites or reporting problems.

VUBi Wi-Fi and VUBi Hotspot

As it was mentioned, they're practically the same, apart from the login method.
Usually we recommend connecting as many of your devices to VUBi Wi-Fi as possible, as this network is a safer and a lot more stable.
The only minus of this network is that not all devices support the connection mechanism it uses (specifically computers that use Windows 7 or older Microsoft operating systems), so they should be connected to VUBi Hotspot or should follow the instructions below.
Also, Android devices also require additional options to be selected when connecting to this network, they're described below too as are the general login instructions.

Hot to log onto VUBi Wi-Fi.

This network asks for two things - your identity and password.

Your identity will be the email address you use for VUBi.
Your password will be your VUBi password.

On certain devices it also asks for an anonymous identity this is usually best left empty.

It's also important to mention that you shouldn't use autocomplete when entering your email or password, as it leaves an additional space after both (you get "email@address " instead of "email@address", the system will refuse these connections).

How to connect your Android phone/tablet to VUBi Wi-Fi

The same applies for Android devices.

Your identity is your email address, your password - your VUBi password.
The anonymous identity should be left blank.

There are also some additional required options.

You should specify MSCHAPV2 in the Phase 2 Authentication field and leave the CA Certificate as unspecified or select none.

All other options should be left as is.

How to connect Windows 7 and older devices to VUBi Wi-Fi

We usually recommend connecting these devices to VUBi Hotspot, but if you want to try to connect it to VUBi Wi-Fi, you can do the following:

  1. Open the Control Panel, select Large Icons in the View By section, find the Network and Sharing Center and click it.
  2. On the right side you should see Manage Wireless Networksclick it, there you should see an entry named VUBi Wi-Fi, select it and click the Remove button. (If you can’t see a network named VUBi Wi-Fi – go to the next step)
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Write VUBi Wi-Fi as the Network name, select WPA2-Enterprise as the Security type and AES as the Encryption type.
  5. Click Next and select Change connection settings.
  6. Select Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) in Choose a network authentication method, then click the Settings button.
  7. Deselect Validate Server Certificate, choose Secured password (EAPMSCHAP v2) in Select Authentication Method field and click the Configure button.
  8. Deselect Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).
Connecting to VUBi Hotspot

Connecting to the VUBi Hotspot network is quite easy, you just need to connect to the network itself and wait for a browser window to pop up and enter your email and password.

If the login website doesn't pop up - try going to or

What to do if you're unable to connect

Firstly check this page - WirelessInternetDebug, if none of the tips help - write a problem report ticket (how to write a proper problem report - HowToReport) or write an email with the prefix [wifi] in the Subject field, or call us.
Though reporting it through the ticket system will probably be the fastest way of contacting our technical support.

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