Connecting to the Wired Network

Once you have a VUBi account and an active plan that supports wired networking (more on that - InternetPlans), you can try activating your computer.

Firstly, it's required that your computer is connected only with the cable in your room, if it's connected to the Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot - this won't work.
To ensure that this is the case, you can look at the speedtest available in our site, the IP field should start with 10.250.29.

Once you're sure that it's connected up properly - go to our website ( and log in.

On the left, under your account options (more about our website - VubiWebsite), you should see a button with the text Activate Internet on it - click it. It might take a few seconds, but afterwards you will be shown a new tab, with the text that your connection is activated.

After that, you need to either disconnect from and reconnect the internet cable to your computer or restart it, whichever one is easier for you, both of these will have the same result.
Afterwards you should be able to access the internet.

If you get the text Error, please inform vubi@…, please fill in a ticket here (how to write a proper problem report - HowToReport) or write an email with the prefix [urgent/activation] in the Subject field, or call us.
Though reporting it through the ticket system will probably be the fastest way of contacting our technical support.

If for whatever reason, even after activating you can't access the internet, read this - WiredInternetDebugging, if that doesn't help - fill out a ticket or contact us.

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